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Public Awareness Program
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Public Awareness Program

Facilitate public events, activities and platforms through which information on maternal mental health can be shared.

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    Linking persons suffering or suspected to be suffering from a maternal mental illness to organizations that offer counselling services and/or mental health care professionals for further examination and treatment.
    Economically empower young unemployed/ needy expectant and new mothers as a way of preventing and/ or reducing prevalence of maternal mental illnesses.
    Organize fitness activities to promote the mental well-being of the mothers and fathers while creating awareness on the need to take care of the mind during pregnancy and after child birth. This will include activities such as aqua fitness, Zumba Fitness dance and hiking.
    Schedule talks with pregnant women and new mothers in the hospitals to inform them on the need to take care of their mental well-being while creating awareness of the maternal mental illnesses and informing them where to seek medical help should they need it.
    Form support groups where mothers can go for guidance, support and help. The groups will accord mothers an opportunity to be in a group of other mothers or fathers where they can share experiences and find support.
    Support formulation, revision and implementation of progressive policies, legal and institutional frameworks as well as provide input into critical conversations or matters surrounding maternal mental health.