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Who We Are
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Who We Are

Calmind Foundation is a registered not for profit organization that promotes maternal mental health.

We run programmes, projects and campaigns that create awareness of maternal mental health, give information on where those suffering from a maternal mental illness can access services and advocate for policies, legal and institutional frameworks and research that promote maternal mental health.

We also work towards providing solutions for challenges women face that increase their chances of suffering from a maternal mental condition e.g. unemployment as a way of preventing and/ or reducing prevalence of maternal mental illnesses.

Guiding Values for Our Organization

Our work is guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

  1. Collaboration– We partner with the community and stakeholders to create healthy communities and accomplish more.
  2. Accountability– We believe in taking personal responsibility for using our resources proficiently, achieving our targets and being accountable to partners, donors and the supporters we humbly serve.
  3. Dependability- We honor our commitments by being reliable.
  4. Integrity– We promote and never compromise on honesty and transparency.
  5. Inclusiveness– We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness and improve access to mental health services for current and future generations through education, support and advocacy.

Our Vision

A society free from mental health stigma and discrimination.

Our Objectives

1. To increase awareness of Maternal mental health and eradicate maternal mental health stigma.

2. To spearhead advocacy programs, policies, and strategies for promotion of maternal mental wellbeing and prevention of maternal mental illnesses.

3. To facilitate access to maternal mental health services for early identification and management.

4. Facilitate information empowerment and capacity development of the health care professionals.
5. To strengthen and enhance the Foundation’s sustainability.

6. To influence and foster favorable policy framework and an enabling environment that will enhance access to maternal mental health services.

7. To build strong and credible partnerships with organizations particularly those working in alignment with Calmind Foundation’s objectives to leverage resources and efforts to broaden reach.