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I have a history of bipolar and depression which was diagnosed in 2012 and I was put on medication.
In 2017 just after the birth of my princess, I lost touch with all that was around me. I was really irritable and often quarreled with those around me. I had stopped taking my medication after I realized I was expecting, they were making me feel so bad.

But the, the pregnancy was smooth, save for the feelings of hopelessness and anxiety since my medication had been changed. When I conceived I did not know what to expect. I was so scared that maybe my baby could be born with defects since the pregnancy was the most silent pregnancy I ever carried, not even a single kick did I experience. All along I knew that maybe this could be a still birth, which scared me even the more. I feared for the worst.

But I thank God for Pearls and Treasures Trust , a charitable organization that deals with crisis pregnancies, they took so much time to sit with me and assure me that all was well. Kechy Aimba and team Asante sana. An ultrasound was also done and this helped stabilize my mind and reassure me all was well.

Labour set in a few days later and it was a Hebrew birth, painless…. Indeed I was lost for words, God did it for me.

A few days later, I was diagnosed with post-partum psychosis, I was taken to the hospital by force and that is where I was given an injection. This did not react so well with my body I became worse, had seizures, became so stiff and the symptoms became more pronounced.

I had to go back to the psychiatrist for further examination and treatment. Indeed it was not an easy time for my family. It took me one full year for most of the symptoms to clear. When I felt better, and after everything I had been through, I became an advocate for Mental Health

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