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Rose Angira’s Story

“My name is Rose Atieno Angira, am a mother to a 3 year old boy Elly with cerebral palsy. Elly was born on 13th July 2016 and just like any other parent i expected to take home a bouncing baby boy, but things turned in another way. I am one of the lucky mothers who […]

Felicia’s Story

I am Felicia Mburu, a Lawyer, Activist and a Mother. I was at the peak of my dream career and had 7 years’ experience as a single mother. I had it all, perfect balance of a working mum and everyone looked up to me.  No one saw it coming with my second child coz depression […]

Christine’s Story

I have a history of bipolar and depression which was diagnosed in 2012 and I was put on medication. In 2017 just after the birth of my princess, I lost touch with all that was around me. I was really irritable and often quarreled with those around me. I had stopped taking my medication after […]

Cherop’s Story

I got pregnant with my first baby in 2010 while I was in campus. My first reaction was unbelief and shock.. my world literally changed as I felt this was the end of my plans and so I isolated myself and beat myself up for being so careless...

Cess’ Story

My name is Cess Gitau. Ever since I realized I was expectant with my daughter I was filled with so much joy and happiness. I had such a smooth pregnancy Period. No nausea, no pressure nothing. It was so enjoyable such that I worked till the last day. I couldn’t wait to hold my little […]

Agnes’ Story

I am Agnes Githaka. A mother of two.. A boy and a girl. I sank into postpartum depression during my second pregnancy, it didn’t set in after delivery but during pregnancy…